Portfolio: Interactive 3D

Interactive 3D for Web and Kiosks

Engaging 3D experiences can now be developed rapidly at low cost, using the Unity engine and WebGL to deliver console-level graphics, physics and sound.

This 3D content works on iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone with lighting, perspective and pinch-zooming, but without the 3D motion possible on the Mac and Windows using WebGL (previously done with 3D Flash). Alternatively, the map could be delivered as a free mobile app download, allowing full motion effects.

Campus Map Example

West Hill Campus
Browser-based 3D example: campus parking map

In this demonstration, panning 3D shows the buildings and environment more clearly and memorably than a conventional map. The concept could be expanded to include first-person exploration or clickable buildings leading to interior maps.

More Web-Based 3D Examples

Design custom furniture with realtime price updates, or learn by doing with a physics-driven educational simulation.